My first blog post

So I have been told to start a blog!

I started studying BDes interior and environmental design at the university of Dundee. The first year of this course is a social digital course which is shared with students from interactive design and product design. So as part of my modules I have to post my work on a blog where the tutors will then read it and look at our work so it can be assessed and i’m slightly skeptical about this. Prior to coming to university i thought it would be more formal and a bit more protected but here I am being told to post my graded work all online for the world to see. Also I cant see me being a massive fan of the blogging all the time as I think it might begin to feel like a bit of a chore. But regardless of all this moaning I completely understand the benefits of us starting out online foot print via blog. I think over time it will be second nature to us to blog but right now i’m not feeling it.

But I promise I am enjoying uni so far !


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