Exploring Dundee

Day one of uni

We were given our brief .The brief was to explore the city of Dundee and do a bit of research. We were told to express our finding through pictures sketches and write about what we found in a blog post so here I am.

We set of in search of the most interesting thing we could find and came across a lot of city works such as the new V&A art museum on the water side and the new train station .We also came across some national treasures such as the desperate Dan statue. Alongside all that we found some more local land marks in town such as the Caird hall the discovery ship and Clarks bakery (don’t lie we all love a good cake or two!)

We then proceeded to the local Costa where we did some sketches of what we found as follows:


So in conclusion to this I had a lovely day exploring and finding local landmarks of this beautiful city I now call my home. Now all I need to do is research to find out more…


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