Ways of making 

 So we began our ways of making modual which is based on developing our skills of 3D development . 

Our first task was to produce an object out of clay that represents our personality and interests. The object was also to securely hold a chip inside of it which we would use untill the end of the module to sign into our class. 

So at the start of my development I started to make a list of things that described me as a person. I also lists a few things from my roots such as the beach that I grew up near. 

I concluded that my object would represent the my round personality ,my materialistic nature and the beach from back at home. 

I chose to start of with a shape similar to a diamond which would represent my materialistic nature. I then decided to round of the bottom of it to represent the rounded personality I have and then I would further add surface decorations. During my designing process I decided to add a heart shape to the top of it to symbolise my surname which is ‘hart’.

I got to work using clay . I started off with the main body  I then added the heart to the top. 

I continued to place the chip into the bottom of this and I sealed it with a rounded section of clay.

 After that I added surface decoration to represent the sea and the currents of the water . 
My final design turned out to somewhat look like a buoy but all in all I feel my thought process and making was successful and I really enjoyed this exercise. 


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