Product identity 

So my brief for this blog post was to gather a number of random objects from around the flat and try and give them new identities. I was to think creatively, sorta outside the box like a child would. The aim was to get you to be more creative in the way of thinking and reflect on how this worked for me.I took an epic adventure (not really) around my flat and scavanged for items.So here’s objects and their new identities! 

Item 1 -The door stop 

New identity 

1. A cliff edge

2.a wedged heel off a shoe

3. Top Part of an exclamation mark! 

Item 2- The fork 

New identity 

1. Garden pitch fork 

2. Comb 

3. Trident 

Item 3 – cellotape rollNew identity 

1. A wave 

2. A comma 

3. A wheel barrow 

4. An elephants head 

Turns out giving objects new identities is harder than I thought and in the end I’m left thinking why? 

As a designer I feel this exercise allows your brain to forget what it is youre holding in your hand and sort of think about it in a childish way. In turn it’s an exercise to help bring out creativity within and completely re-invent objects surrounding you ,bringing new ideas and concepts. As difficult as this was mentally I enjoyed the process of being a bit more relaxed in my knowledge of objects and seeing what I can come up with. 


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