Ways of making -final buggy model

As part of my ways of making modual I was to ,in groups, make a card board scale buggy. 

In my group we decided that each of us would start on a different section. I was designated the job of coming up with a plan on how to make the round pole frame and how to create the joins for this.

I started off my trying to find ways of making the cardboard more flexible but still keep it’s form.  I started off my slicing into the cardboard but then realised that in order for it to be flexible the cut marks would be on the outside which wasn’t what I was looking for . 

I then had the idea of simply taking away the top layer of paper to use the grain of the cardboard,the same way I used the cuts .I then found this very fiddly and decided to try a different method of revealing the grain. By using the end of my scalpel it gave me the perfect tool for revealing the grain without taking away any of the actual cardboard. After testing this I went into cut strips of card into the correct sizes ,which I had lifted from the actual buggy . I used my ‘scalpel’ technique and then roles them into tubes and cellotaped them shut. While I was exploring this the rest of my group were making wheels using layers of cardboard for maximum strength.

We then started to assemble the frame using the ‘poles’ I had made and the joins . 

We then turned to making the actual seat which consisted of simply layering cardboard to give it a 3D likeness.slicing was used on the outer sections of the sea so that when starching it would me easily attached to the frame we created. We also assembled the foot rest of the buggy.

This was our final product

I feel the task went really well although it was stressful at times where you felt like you were doing loads of work but nothing was happening to the model. I really did enjoy this task of making. I learned a lot of skills that I can apply in the future when I’m using card for prototyping. 


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