Ways of seeing – Reflective blog part 1

Are designer defined by their drawing and sketching skills?

As part of becoming a designer I have been asked ‘what actually defines a designer?’.What separates being a good designer from your average joe ?

So lets start at the very beginning.The literal definition ! Oxford dictionary defines designer as the following:

Noun                                                                                                                                                                       1. A person who plans the look or workings of something prior to it being made,by preparing drawings or plans.Image result for designer

so literally, yes ! Drawings do define you as a designer. Being a designer you are expected to Sketch as part of your planning process from where you would begin to develop your idea and then you would continue to use your drawings to make more visual representations of what you’re designing, so that people could see your design.Sketching allows us to take an abstract idea and turn it into something real. A proper drawing. The better you are at sketching the easier that is to do. Sketching is informal and abstract which means it doesn’t have to be particularly good at the beginning ,As long as you understand the idea behind what you’re putting onto paper and you’re able to explain it. The better your sketching skills are the better your idea for design will come across to non designers. Drawings are more carefully constructed,more accurate, more finalized than sketches. This makes me assume that these drawings must be of some sort of high standard ,correct ? Surely these final drawings from a designer have to be outstanding for an idea to be taken forward and for you to be considered a good designer?

But maybe i’m wrong? Maybe this is ignorant of me to be assuming this without further exploration? What if you didn’t have to be a good drawer to be a good designer ?

Over this series of blog posts I will be exploring what it takes to be a good designer and if actually being a bad/good drawer matters in the designer world. Im interested to find out through this exploration if it is 100% possible to be a highly successful designer with little drawing skills and if in this modern society its even relevant to be drawing free hand.

A point which I would like to touch on is that most things are digital these days and if someone where to be designing something it could be created digitally as some point.So is it a pencil we need to be good with or our computer software. I googled this and found this was a lot of peoples view on the situation and I completely agree. I have had personal experiences where my sketches have been utter rubbish but my final digital product has been at the standard where my work has been (to me) fantastic.But in saying that i have been in situations where my hand drawn work has been much more appealing than any of the digital work I have turned my hand to . So for my first summary i would like to say the It merely depends what type of thing you’re designing .Have it be a product , computer drawing skills would be much more of use than pencil drawing skills but say it were the design of something more artistic then it would be the opposite.

This is an example of my work that has came from not a particularly good sketch and has turned out rather nice.

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