Ways of seeing – Reflective blog part 2

In this part of my blog post series i would like to react more to the idea of being a designer who isnt very good at drawing.

I want to start of by saying that i personally aren’t the best drawer in the world.My sketches are messy.I draw more lines than needed. I add color out of the lines. In general if you were to look at my sketch book you would think ‘How the hell did she get into art school?’. Some times I ask myself the same question but from they shawdy sketches in my initial ideas i always manage to produce a high quality piece of work that gets me where i need to be . With each crappy drawing I get better,And with each idea i take another stepping stone . With practice i become better at drawing and sketching and putting my ideas onto paper. The more complex the idea the harder it is for me to draw obviously but i see it as another task , another challenge. This brings me onto the next point of what i do when i cant actually draw something complex. I ask for help. No harm ever came from asking for a little help. You can have the most amazing idea and not be able to draw it but as long as you can communicate your idea ,then someone can help you and draw it for you. Now i’m not saying get someone else to do your work for you but last time I check nobody got killed for asking someone to draw an initial idea. I know this isnt convenient for everyone,me being one of those people, which is what makes people come up with new ways and ideas of how to communicate their idea.  In away this task becomes a blessing. It enriches youre creativeness and make you more flexible in a way .Also if youre patient enough to actually sit and learn yourself how to draw and practice you have patients for almost anything!

I read an article by brian ling on this question and his opinion and experience as a designer proves that you do not have to be good at drawing to be a good designer. He says that through his experience as a designer he learned over the years how to draw to a high standard . He also tells us that he has seen people who have been really rubbish at drawing but have came up with fantastic ideas and been really successful designers. In comparison to that he has also seen people have outstanding drawing skills but be terrible designers with terrible ideas.He essentially hypothesis that if youre a good designer you should be able to come up with a good idea and communicate that idea . Thats what makes you a good designer!

He talks about 3 different types of sketches  :

napkin sketches

These are essentially really rubbish initial ideas that are rough and in no way skilled drawings .

emotional sketches


These are the product of designers who spend to much time drawing their idea rather than developing it and are usually used more for marketing their idea .

and then there are information sketcheshp laptop2 copy

He tells us that as a designer this is the sort of sketches you want to aim for.Not particularly beautiful or admiral drawings but filled with different views and angles that really help the viewer to grasp the idea of the product.

That is what non-drawers want to aim for. Not a pablo picasso style image but something simple like that.

sources : http://designsojourn.com/do-i-have-to-be-able-to-draw-well-to-be-a-good-designer/


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