ways of seeing – Reflective blog part 3

In this blog post in just going to sumarise what my final opininon on the question actually is.

I find this a very hard question to answer and i dont think i can come to a final conculsion because every situation os differnet. At the end of the day a designer wouldnt be judged on their design process they would be judged on their final design and if thats good then that makes then a good designer. I think that its all to do with the way you comminucate your idea rather than the way you sketch your ideas. The question should probably be ‘Are designers defined by their ability to communicate their ideas?’. But unfortunatley its not.I think if youre good at drawing and youre good at designing ideas then that is ideal but if not it doesnt make you bad. Designs are all about or ideas and our imagination. How we communicate the ideas and finalise it is or definition .A designer is someone who has an idea and can communicate it. Someone who can draw an idea is just someone with a pencil.

A designer also has to be aware of their audeince and who their design is actually going to be presented to .If the designer presesnt something that is complretely off track of what their client asked for then regardless of their drawing skills then they are a bad designer. Its all in the final product !

Based on the vageness of the question it is hard for me to come to a final answer on this question given i have to take into considerstion so many different factors and situation that people might be in. So in conclusin i dont actually have one. I mostly think it just depends on how the designers final product turns out and how successful it turns out to be.


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