orientation – maps – picture symbol icon

we’ve been given a brief to create a map which doesn’t show geographical places exactly !

i started off my research by looking at some creative maps that people had already created on pintrest such as the followingmap1

abstract map using linear shapes and primary colourmap-5

heart shaped cut outs of destinations


circle shaped objects representing features on a map


portrait that has been integrated into a map

To start of my ideas I played about with different media types and thought about what they could represent on a map of sorts

I played with water colours,pens pencils etc and then tried using different medias such as coffee stains and fire.

The ideas I came up with were things like burn marks on the map representing war torn places in the world.

In using the coffee i had the idea of using the stains to represent places on the map that it comes from map-idea-2

I then took inspiration from one of the more romantic images i had seen and chose to make a list of places that people could propose to each other and represented it on the map as a love heart shaped route around it. map-idea

This was my favourite idea so far and this is the one I wish to develop as its vaguely maped out and isnt exactly a map.


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