Orientation-ways of seeing 

So during this module we were given the not-so-difficult-task of walking across the Tay bridge. This was to help us come to an idea of land marks etc and what Dundee whole persona was. We took pictures and sketched some of the things we saw.

Following this walk back at the work shop were were given the brief of making a large cardboard model of a landmark and get people to interact with it in order to create a bit of a social buzz about it.

Our group ‘creatively’ decided we would choose to do the Tay bridge as our land mark. The idea was that once we had created this we would take it to the public and get them to ‘graffiti’ the bridge with things they would associate with Dundee.

This is a picture of what our bridge looked like before the public. After making out bridge we had to decide where to take it so I came up with the idea of using the open day visitors to out advantage. As well as us gathering lots of different peoples views on Dundee ,both student and visitor , we also got to show off our work where all the visitors would see it.

This is a picture of the bridge being vandalised.

The idea of using the public that visited the art school meant that people who were visiting were actually interested and were volunteering to actually participating. This was the social hype that we wanted and it worked to our advantage effortlessly.

Although our idea wasn’t particularly out the box or exciting ,we did perform the task very well I think as we were able to utilise the open day and engaged with people with out going to much out our way which was convenient for us and saved us a lot of time .

We were told to create a map of what we did with our bridge and it is as follows.

The map shows a time line of what we did and it shows a map of where we took it and a small bit of writing of the steps we took and how we went about doing.


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