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double-wear-1In this review, I will be discussing Estée lauders double wear foundation. I will be reviewing the full product from the packaging to the actual product itself. I will be discussing both my own and other user’s opinion on how the product worked for them. I will be giving a full and honest review and discussing both the good and bad in this product. I will also be discussing what could be changed in the product to make the user experience better/easier.

I will start off with the basic information that you will need to know up on buying the product.

The product itself comes from the high-end makeup brand Estée lauder and retails for £31.00 per 30ml bottle. The product claims to last for 15 hours on the skin and will remain flawless throughout the day with its high coverage and semi-matte finish. The product claims to me water proof, sweat proof and smudge proof. The product contains SPF 10 for sun protection to help keep the skin healthy through wearing it as not all foundations contain SPF. The product has a large range of shades available to suit all skin tones and a colour match service is available at the Estée lauder counters. The also give out free samples to let you try the foundation before buying it.


The product comes in a deep navy coloured packaging which is minimalist and sleek. Its branded with their signature gold logo and gold writing telling you the contents and the ingredients their signature gold logo. The overall look of the packaging is very luxurious and makes you feel like what’s inside is doing to be a delightful treat. The sophisticated simplicity of the product real works from the product as it is a high-end brand. The deep navy coloured packaging gives of a relaxed atmosphere to the product and the gold gives it that touch of luxury and expensive look.

The actual foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with faceted edges, again, branded with the gold logo and writing. The bottle is sealed with a gold screw top lid. The container has a good weight to it and it feels like a high-end product that’s worth spending the money on.

The simplicity of the packaging lets the product speak for itself and everything from the colours of the packaging to the feel and weight of the bottle feels expensive. Nothing about this product looks of feels cheap and lives up to the name of this brand.

Firstly, when you unscrew the lid there is no pump or applicator for the foundation so one has the pour the desired amount of product out of the bottle. This is an issue to be addressed. This is an issue as I’ve found through using it that when pouring out the liquid foundation A lot comes out and a lot gets wasted due to this. Given the bottle had a pump or applicator it would allow for a more economical way of using the product. Most foundations come with these tools or offer on which you can buy to put on the bottle. Estée Lauder don’t. I feel like having payed this amount of money for the product they should be provided or at least design one that could be bought separately from the product. Over time it also causes a build up around the lid and it dries in making it difficult to open and close the bottle securely, so the bottle top needs cleaned after use to combat this. This is a big turn off for me when it comes to using the product as it can be messy and time consuming to deal with.

The actual foundation is described to me a natural to semi-matte finish foundation which gives a medium to full coverage. It’s a lightweight formula designed to sink into the skin and last all day. The foundation is recommended to people with all skin types. oily, combination and dry. From personal experience with the foundation it has left me with mixed feelings about it.

I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and this foundation, once applied I found the foundation worked really well for my skin type and Its coverage and finish didn’t fade throughout the day and remained the same as when I first applied it. Compared to other foundations I have tried, it worked amazingly and it didn’t oxidise on the skin, go patchy, oily or wear off over the course of the day whereas after a few hours a normal foundation would do all of these things after a few hours. After wearing it for a healthy number of hours I took it off using my normal skin cleansing routine I would normally use and realised that it was a bit of an effort to come off. I also found that after a few days of wearing the foundation it started to get really bad skin and found myself having to do harsh cleansing in order to leave my skin completely clean. This was because the lightweight formula would sink into the pores and clog them up. This foundation is Not for everyday use and is more for days where you’re going out or you need your makeup to last you all day. I will say the foundation last really well for oily skin but the catch is that people with oily skin tend to have big pores ,so this foundation tends to cause break outs. For combination skin this foundation is perfect so long as you don’t wear I every day and you cleanse properly. For people with dry patches on their face I wouldn’t recommend this foundation as it pick up on texture in your skin. Also for people with visible facial hair it will pick up and emphasis this a great deal. Foundations with SPF in them usually give of a white glare when flash photography is taken. This foundation did not have this effect which is a real bonus. I found this foundation really picked up on texture in my skin the longer I wore it and found it would gather up in the corners around my nose very slightly. This was resolved easily with a small amount off powder applied.

When it comes to colour matches, your Estée Lauder counter can offer this service so you don’t get the wrong shade. I found from trying out a few shades of double wear that most of them have a pink undertone which was really an issue for my as my skin colour has yellow undertones. This made it hard for me to find a shade immediately. Also, being of the paler skin group it again became hard to find my shad because most of the pale shades had this pink undertone and when applied it would make me look as though I had done a 5k run.

In conclusion to this foundation I feel it would be best to try the foundation on your own skin as its different for everyone. I have tried this foundation out on friends with different skin types and they agree that it all depends on your skin type how well it works for you .Personally I wouldn’t buy this again as for the price I payed I find it slightly mediocre and that is not what I expect from a high end product.



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