Orientation-ways of making

After coming up with my idea for my product I went onto create a prototype.

My prototype was used to give a visual representation of where he lights would show on the gloves and the sorta hand movements you would use to communicate with he glove.img_6369

To create this i took an ordinary glove and put led lights in the holes which i cut into the gloves.

This shows how the interactive side of the design would work with creating your own route. The action is shown as pointing your finger at the direction you want to go in. This would then edit your route to the direction you’re taking.


This one shows the lights that will be on the back and front of the glove.There would work like indicators. Whatever direction you were to take would flash up blue on the glove and you would take this direction.

The product would be blue toothed to google maps on your device ,So while your gloves were connected to your phone it would be tucked away in your bag of pocket.


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