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Social media was intended for connecting,re connecting and meeting new people . But the effects have left us humans in a state of struggling with real interaction .Social media has become a way of connecting and communicating with friends and family ,without the classic face to face intimacies and meaningful interaction with each other that is a crucial part of life as a human. Our species rely on the contact of other people, with us being a social species. Without this (what should be natural) interaction with each other we are becoming more alone and secluded than ever.We are teaching ourselves how to not be alone all the time but in turn we’re actually becoming more and more introverted with the lack of need to go out and socially interact because you can do it from your phone or laptop.

Is this how we envisioned the future of our species and well being ?


Should we do something about this issue?


But with social media taking over is this even going to be possible of us? For us to go back to having more face to face interaction and less online meaningless chit chat there will have to be something ground breaking to come around because the possibility of this happening on its own is very unlikely.but if you can put the phone down ,turn of the laptop and go have some real world action and stop being mediaocre.



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