Urban dwelling – ways of making 

During this brief we were asked to create a new urban dwelling concept for a connected society . We were told to explore the either the social,community or digital connectivity and think about who might enhabit the space we were creating . We were told to think about what the person experiencing the space might get out of enhabiting it and think about the duration of stay. 

Our group decided to go for a playful take on the brief and considered the land space issues we have in today’s housing crisis. This helped us to come up with the idea of taking inspiration from tree houses . The thinking behind this was that tree houses were in the air where no land space was being taken up except from the foundations of the building. We then decided to try and make the materials as eco friendly as possible .During the research process we discovered people were building houses out of old containers and that’s what we decided we would do also. The dwellings would be made out of the shipping containers that come in 3 standard sizes and these would be assembled together to create the perfect space to live. 

The idea concept was that people would be able to customise and re design their homes at a small price ,compacted to if they were to move to a different house to accommodate their new needs. Each house would be individual to its owner and could be a constant changing element in their lives. 

The insides of the homes were inspired but the tiny spaces movement that involved furniture being able to take on more than one function and every space was used effectively to ensure that no space was being wasted or unused. We also decided that the individual spaces such as bedrooms would be opened up to be part of they’re living area . So during the day the family could use this space as a communial living space where they would communicate and interact with each other rather than them being secluded and introverted in their own rooms. Then at night these rooms could be closed off and individual could use this to have their own quiet time,study or sleep. 

In this particular design we took on the living space opened out onto a platform which would be outdoors.this space would be covered by canapies to shelter from any weather issues .We designed this one with the idea of it being in a warmer climate so that people would fully take on the benefits of being in the outdoors rather than cooped up inside. 

We then discussed the issue of it being up in the air . We to inspiration from the New York highline which is a walk way above the city to help pedestrians get from a to b without the worry of crossing roads and traffic and also reducing over crowded nature of the streets. We designed a walk way around the houses ,which would essentially be a community , so that people accomodationg the area had the freedom to walk the ‘highline’ to their homes and be able to interact with other people in the community. 

Below is our concept boards for a further insight into our idea through sketches and drawings.


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