design methods for insight gathering – shadowing case study

Case study – 4th year shadowing experiencshadowing


Work shadowing ,NOUN, British

Training, work experience, etc., which involves accompanying and observing a person at work for a short period in order to gain understanding of or receive training in such work.

We were asked to shadow a 4th year partner and take into consideration what sort of struggles they are facing and what sort of things they would get up to. In shadowing we had an hour to see what sort of things and actions the 4th year had to deal with and document this.

My original shadowing partner felt that he couldn’t really give me the best insight to 4th year so he gave me a quick ran through of his project and what he had done to get there and then another 4th year asked if I wanted to shadow them instead because she was keen for me to see her work.

My shadowing partner thought it would be helpful to me to discuss the perfect recipe for the perfect 4th year project!

Although talking to the 4th year was helpful it wasn’t a successful observation of the work I felt as my aim was to observe and gather information not do an interview. Although shadowing is a good method for gathering insights and methods it can sometimes stray and become awkward for the person being shadowed

So although I gained good insight into 4th year and how to be successful in it I didn’t actually get to see any hand on action and real day to day struggles for the 4th year.


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