dmid – directed story telling

Directed story telling is a method of collecting users expereinces and story as an alternative to other design ethnography methods such as observation and longer forms of research

My experience of this was to create a story around 4 personas which would lead the plot of a story wave with a rising tension, falling tension and turning points throughout . The story I created included a range of emotional and physical responses from the personas .

I found this method really inspiring as I was able to document information visually in a way which further allowed me to see emotional and physical responses in a clearer documentation . It also a good way of revealing how a interviewee goes through a journey and enlightens us on what the user expects or requires of say a product or a service.  This gives interviewers a great tool to draw out hidden issues or detail that would have lay unspoken or questioned .

Personally I think this is a great and fun documentation¬† technique to use but I can’t say I find it efficient enough to personally use it.



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