dmid- affinity mapping

Affinity mapping (thematic analysis) is a method of organising data in form of grouping based on themes and common relationships between facts and figures . I is basically a fancy method of organising a mind map.

affinity mapping.

My experience of affinity mapping (thematic analysis) was used as a tool for me to Sift through my information I took from my video transcript and get through the layers of data that were hidden in amongst the general information .It also provided me with a new way of thinking about my data and analysing it in a different way than I normally would have. This method involved me taking my 10 main points from the information given from my interviewee  and then fine tuning them to create my 5 insights that I gathered from my interview.

Personally I found affinity mapping very use full as it helped me to see and control the data  from the transcript that I other wise wouldn’t have seen. It allowed me to get as much out of my interview data as possible and refine it to the most important insights.

This is extremely useful as I feel it gave me an excellent tool for examining data in the interview process and I see potential for me to use this in the future.


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